Review of the Slot Game Sumo Sumo

They say it’s not how big your dog is that matters in a battle, but how big your dog is willing to fight. In the realm of fighting, however, size does confer a definite advantage, hence the former may not always be true. The Japanese contact sport of Sumo is being discussed. If you want to compete in this bout, bulking up first is a good idea. The heaviest sumo wrestler ever to shove his opponents about weighed a whopping 292.6 kilograms, while the heaviest competitor frequently weighed more than 200 kg. Players who want to feel powerful by physically dominating larger opponents but lack the necessary bulk may be interested in ELK Studio’s entry into the market. Sumo Sumo is the name of the position in question, so let’s find out whether it’s indeed that great.

The default setting places players in a desolate alleyway, far from the roaring spectators of a sumo ring. It’s unclear why ELK Studios decided to set the story in that location. Whatever the case may be, Sumo Sumo’s primary game setting felt like a cross between the E. Honda and Chun-Li stage from Street Fighter 2, minus the crowd. Like the Hong Kong-based Kumite Frank Dux was taken to in the film Bloodsport, this may be the entrance to an illegal sumo tournament. While the free spins continue to take place in the same back lane, the Speedboat Bonus moves to a new location down by the sea.

The game’s stats are as impressive as its roster of major celebrities. The theoretical return to player value of 94% is one of the smaller ones; to the best of our knowledge, this is the only RTP model available. However, the maximum payout is staggering at 25,000x the initial investment. The X-iter feature purchase menu is another well-known ELK Studios gadget; it lets players who are qualified go between bonus mode and normal mode while betting anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 per spin.

This is not a game played in a straight line; instead, winning combinations are formed when identical symbols appear on consecutive reels, either horizontally or diagonally. This method offers 259 possible outcomes on a 5×5 playing field. The low-paying symbols include some cube-shaped fruit, a nod to the famously square watermelons cultivated in Japan. Fruit symbols (cherries, grapes, lemons, and watermelons) pay the lowest (1x to 2x the wager) and sumo symbols (red and blue) pay the highest (5x to 10x the wager) for five in a row. The standard wild sign is the letter W, which can be used in lieu of any non-paying icon.

Slot Featuring a Sumo Wrestler

With Wild Sumo Stacks, Brawls, a Speedboat Bonus, free spins, and the X-iter menu, Sumo Sumo offers almost as many features as a hungry sumo wrestler could want.

Insane Stacks of Sumo

Wild Sumo Stacks occur when three or more sumo characters from adjacent cells stack on top of one other. This happens when a victory occurs and identical sumo symbols land on the same place, creating a stack, or when identical sumo symbols land on an existing stack, adding to it. These stacks are wild, and their multiplier is determined by the amount of sumo symbols they include rather than their location. If more than one Wild Sumo Stack is employed, the multiplier is applied multiplicatively to each victory that goes through it. Additionally, a respin is granted and the stack advances one space to the right whenever a stack is produced. They will continue to the left if they reach the last reel on the right. When a respin finishes in a loss and no further Wild Sumo Stacks are added, the game is over. Stacks can also be generated using the standard game’s initial reel.


When two different kinds of Wild Sumo Stacks appear in the same row after a respin, the one on the right rushes over to start a fight with the one on the left. The value of the smaller stack is added to the larger stack’s multiplier if the larger stack wins the fight. If two or more stacks are tied, the victor is determined at random. The reels are cleared of losing stacks. Conflicts can flip the stack’s direction.

Bonus for Going Faster in a Boat

The Speedboat Bonus is triggered when 3 Bonus symbols appear. This one gives you three spins on a five by five grid with a bonus collection round. The x-bet spot on the board is replaced with a speedboat icon, while the other spaces are randomly rotated. The Speedboat’s vantage point allows it to “see” in both the horizontal and vertical planes. When a new symbol arrives in view, the boat immediately accelerates to collect it, and the spin counter is reset. The Speedboat will continue to gather symbols until none remain in its field of view, at which point it will move to a new collection location. Some of the signs it can gather are:

The Speedboat sums up the swimmers and takes their money.

The Sumo Wakeboarder is an accessory that enhances the Speedboat and is towed behind it. The x-bet value rises with each new location it occupies. When a Wakeboard is already linked to the Speedboat, a newly gathered Wakeboard will not be attached, but the connected Wakeboarder counter will rise by one step.

The Wakeboarder count and Speedboat x-bet are increased by the value of the ramp.

A Harpoonist or Turbo Harpoonist boosts the value of any uncollected Swimmers or Wakeboarders upon landing and for all future spins in while those symbols remain uncollected, increasing the Speedboat’s total value. Turbo Harpoonist makes other swimmers and wakeboarders more valuable with each symbol the speedboat gathers.

At the conclusion of each spin, the value accumulated by the Speedboat is rewarded, together with any value accrued by the Wakeboard.

No Risk Turns

If you get two scatters, you get six free games. Wild Sumo Stacks do not disappear between free spins or when they reach the first reel in this bonus round. If you manage to retrigger the bonus, you’ll receive an additional +6 free spins.


If the X-iter is there, opening it will launch Bonus Mode, where you may choose between the following:

The Bonus Hunt feature doubles your wager for a gaming round in which you can win either the Speedboat Bonus or free spins.

The Brawl Mode bet multiplier is 10x for a round that is assured to end in a brawl.

The Speedboat Bonus awards 50 times the wager for a winning round.

In a Super Speedboat Bonus round, all Harpoonists are of the Turbo kind, providing a payout of 100 times the wager.

500x for a winning round that awards free spins.

The Slot Wins in Sumo Sumo

It’s remarkable that sumo hasn’t become a worldwide phenomenon, given that more people are, according to organizations like the World Health Organization, bigger than they were in the past. With the release of the slot Sumo Sumo, which challenges the common perception of sumo by portraying the wrestlers engaging in activities other than pushing and shoving, such as jet skiing, can we expect to see a shift in public opinion? Maybe not, but it’s a fun idea for a slot machine game.

The features section may have been a bit wordy, but please understand that there is a lot to take in, much like a sumo wrestler’s diet. The game has a lot of rules and complexities, but it becomes much simpler to understand when you see the reels in operation. Perhaps this is symbolic of the art of Sumo wrestling. Your ultimate goal is to cause a swarm of Wild Sumo Stacks to materialize and begin rampaging over the playing field, squaring up against one another, and piling themselves as high as possible. Since Wild Sumo Stacks don’t spin off during the bonus round, this was a lot of fun to play, and it paid out rather well, too. In its own fascinating manner, the Speedboat Bonus stood out from the crowd. The Speedboat’s ability to only collect symbols it’sees’ adds a new layer to the game and may result in checkers-like play when it collects a symbol, moves, and then sees another sign from its new location, collects that, and so on. It’s interesting enough to check out if you’re craving something unusual that you wouldn’t normally find in a slot machine.

Although the Speedboat Bonus is more unusual, we found that the free spins feature provided the most value. Large stacks may appear during free spins, teetering on the grid and occasionally wiping out winners with their wild multiplying abilities. Neither sumo nor Sumo Sumo are likely to appeal to everyone, as both involve large men pushing each other about while dressed very provocatively. There are a few innovations that take online gaming to new heights, so it’s worth checking out.






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